The Amazing Refuge Race

Saturday, August 19, 2017 - 10:30am to 12:00pm
Visitor Center, 2 Marshlands Rd, Fremont – (510) 792-0222 ext. 363

Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge and REI Outdoor School present The Amazing Refuge Race.

Armed with GPS units, you and your team will “race” against other teams by attempting to complete required challenges on the refuge first. Teams will be given a set of coordinates where they must try to locate using a GPS unit. Once at that location, teams must work together to complete a challenge. When that task is completed, teams will receive the next set of coordinates. Those who complete all challenges and arrive at the finish first wins!

Intrigued? Log on to or call Carmen at 510-792-0222 ext. 476 for additional information and rules. Don’t have a GPS unit? Borrow one from REI Outdoor School the day of the race at the refuge.

Registration is required! You may register up to 5 people for your team. A minimum of 2 people per team. The refuge may place individuals on teams containing fewer than 5 people to ensure maximum participation. There is no cost to enter.

Prior Reservation: 
Reservation Information: 
Go to or call 510-792-0222 ext. 476.